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Leniex Corporation is a professional club of traders, which was established in 2014 and until now was a closed community of selected traders. Our team includes six traders with different experience, knowledge and analytics. The Leniex community is engaged in daily forecasting of events at the crypto-currency and currency exchanges, which gives our team a high probability of passing the event from 80 to 100%. Applying their knowledge, experience, analytical and statistical data, allows our team to earn from 1 to 5% daily. In 2017, it was decided to establish a company to enter the world market.


The company’s road map consists of three fundamental goals:

  • 1Implementation of the software “CrypBot” – an automated robot for trading crypto-currencies at one or several exchanges at the same time.
  • 2Creation of its own crypto currency “Lincoln”, where the basis for its implementation will include all the unique copyright products of Leniex Corporation.
  • 3Development and launch of its own exchange platform “BitRaise” for trading with crypto-currency pairs.


Community of professional traders involved in trading on the exchange of crypto currency and stock market. Joint application of certain knowledge, experience, analytical and statistical data, enables our traders to predict events with an accuracy of 80-100%.


The company offers its partners to invest in the trust management of our traders, by choosing and buying investment package, and also opportunities for further development. Career in the company – is the key to your success and financial well-being.