leniex lincoln

Dear partners! We are glad to you to report good news! We carefully work on all ours products and we try to start them and to show to the whole world in the appointed terms! On December 5 the Leniex Corporation company starts the first product – Lincoln Coin (LCC). The company begins preliminary sale of tokens before ICO start. On December 5 we will present all the world our new product, our cryptocurrency of the LCC company, our new round of development! Leniex Coproration – a vector of your success! Expect opening.

Dear partners of the Leniex Corporation company! At the request of leaders and active partners of the company the new investment portfolio of “Special of +342%” in 360 days is added. To purchase an investment portfolio perhaps only on a preliminary request through tikt system. Sale of investment packages is limited, no more than 10 investment packages a month on all partners of the company.