Electroneum (ETN) Update | Why ETN Always in Problem??? Urdu Hindi

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Following our concerns about misinformation being pushed out across many chat rooms, it clearly seems that we are now being targeted for a forced price reduction.

We understand that the updates we posted on Sunday evening have made a more marked impact than we expected. The travesty is that growing unrest is largely being driven by a number of people who missed our ICO and now, seeing the popularity of ETN, want to buy in cheap, without any of the true belief we all have, and certainly no sense of ethical practise, they only see the potential for our coin to make themselves a quick buck. This destructive transaction strategy is aimed at driving the ETN price down, so they can buy in cheap and then flip their strategy to push a sharp rise, allowing them to selfishly play the margins to their own benefit.

These miscreants tend to spread fear, uncertainty or doubt (FUD), which prompts others to lose faith and prematurely sell coins at low prices.

They are attempting to discredit our statements, publishing misrepresented quotes and questioning our good faith and solid protocols. Examples of these completely fabricated claims include:

Electroneum is an MLM/Ponzi Scheme – NOT TRUE!!
Electroneum will never be listed on major exchanges – NOT TRUE!!
The Electroneum team is keeping ETN on one exchange on purpose to manipulate the price – NOT TRUE!!

These accusations, and any other statements casting doubt on our progress and pipeline, are all COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED. They are LIES BEING SPREAD TO DAMAGE OUR STATUS and open the opportunity for deceitful individuals to use us.

All the info we share with you is absolutely 100% genuine, and we hope that, by making you aware of what is going on, you will manage to avoid any of the FUD, and that you’ll maintain your belief and support for our vision.

Source: https://goo.gl/yMiPXm