Hello loyal Agam/Questra partners,

We had a resoundingly positive call, which only had notice of within 10 minutes of the Call at 5pm pst today.

John D, the private investigator from US who turn a Questra director after he proved the legitimacy of its business discussed some facts outlined herewith:
1. Mr Han aquired Agam for a sum of 500 million to 1 billion euros
2. His net worth is between 1 billion-1.5 billion and his salary at Daewoo Car Company,and GM Korea was 100 million annually
3. John is not aware of a single negative fact, other than the sale which was a surprise, but sometimes a buyout must be kept secretive until the sale is complete.
4. The 2 personal Contacts John has in Cape Verde in Agam, and in Madrid Spain for Questra in upper management have indicated that they were on vacation and Will return next Week, and they plan to commence trading Operations by mid December after a global Conference on Dec 12th,
5. They plan to preserve most aspects of Operations the way things were previously with respect to Questra Comp plan and payouts on portfolios.
6. John Will be in Madrid for a Questra meeting with upper management on Dec 28th
7. John and Other Directors Will attend the Dubai AGAM Convention Confirmed by the Atlantic which has confirmed reservations for the 5 day event Jan 23rd -28th 2018
8. Johns contact in Cape Verde may move to Hong Kong but the previous employees and traders for Agam and Questra will continue to be employed by the new entity in Hong Kong
9. We must check the Questra back office on Nov 30th for info on a possible Conference on Dec 1st friday
10. Our Agam account balances are secure.